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Photos Of Vasculitis

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Symptoms Of Vasculitis

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Lupus Pictures

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Malik Shahid Riaz says:

i am suffering from vASCULITIS

Marianne Blair says:

I have blood spots like this picture on my arms. Sometimes they spontaneously bleed. I have SLE, Addison's, RA, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Migraines.and more. I have used meds from Methotrexate to currently Prednisone which keeps my pain level and hormones more controlled. Any advice? I have used cannabis oil (CBD) which helped my pain but I can't c afford it...please help!

patricia says:

ihave come out in lumpy rash over shoulders and chest area am not sure what is

tessoroni says:

Ya, looks like what is on my arms! How do you get rid of that? It attacked the arm that was operated on for my shoulder. What a mess! What should I ask my doc to do? I don't think the dermatologist knew, she just took a biopsy of the rash. Will that help?


My husband whom is African American has been diagnosed this condition of "VASCULITIES" per Doctors. Is their any treatment of a cure for this condition?

Mary Arment says:

I have RA and SLE. SLE is causing vasculitis on my legs. I get Actemera(biological infusion) for RA. Can this make the vasculitis worse? It seems to have. Need your advice. Thanks

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